Tribe Agency guarantees each of its customers a visibility whose influence extends to all of Belgium. The communication strategy is tailor-made with precision to target each media at the right time. The Tribe team integrates responsiveness and anticipation into everything it undertakes, the recipe for its success since 2017.


Press and public relations

Customer visibility is Tribe Agency’s priority. Its communication plans are built in order to generate a positive and personalized image. Together, we create stories while drawing inspiration from trends and editorial calendars.

Our strong relationship with the media, and especially with those who compose it, is constantly updated.

The visibility of customers is increased by quality tools and relationships:

  • Development of tools (press material, Copywriting, content creation and storytelling, photos)
  • Contact with the national and regional press (print, digital, television and radio)
  • Connection with the key players in the field

Relation eRP – influencers marketing

Influencers and bloggers are now key players in developing a broader, and paradoxically, more precise visibility. Followed and appreciated depending on their style, their life and their passions, they inspire confidence to their community. The Tribe Agency team is responsible for connecting customers with influencers by offering them content and experiences that reflect them. Using tools that have already proven themselves, the agency performs a selective sorting to suggest quality influencers that perfectly match the client’s expectations.

Field Relations – Event

Strengthening links with the press and digital players through a presence on the field. Seeing, tasting, touching, smelling; seduction and memory are rooted in the senses. Product launches, breakfasts, trips, lunches, editorial tours are all key moments for creating a synergy and lasting relationships. Tribe Agency takes care of creating the tailor-made event to provide the best experience possible.

Community & Campaign Management

Now more than ever, it is essential to create a community around your product and services. Social networks allow you to develop and target a certain audience while measuring its impact. This tool promises to reach a large local audience or spread a message globally.

We create content to feed your social networks and define the best strategy to ensure you reach the target audience.

  • Facebook and Instagram strategy
  • Content development and creation
  • Paid advertising campaigns